Alltel is a specialist carrier of Australian 1800 Numbers

15 Reasons to Get Your 1800 Number from Alltel

  1. Choose from Australia's BEST VALUE, easy-to-understand plans. Our affordable 1800 number plans and rates are designed to suit your call volume and save you money.
  2. There is NO commitment to a minimum monthly call spend.
  3. Don't get locked in with NO TERM CONTRACTS: simply pay month to month.
  4. We only ask for 1 calendar month's notice to cancel.
  6. Our easy-to-understand plans mean NO HIDDEN or MISLEADING rates or charges.
  7. You'll become another valued customer of Alltel, a professional company that specialises in providing business communications services throughout Australia at BUY DIRECT prices.
  8. You'll be dealing with an ETHICAL company and receive OUTSTANDING SERVICE. Our customers say we're the BEST. (Check out their testimonials on this site.)
  9. With our range of services, we can help your business in other ways too.
  10. Choose your FREE 1800 Number or PREMIUM 1800 Number NOW.
  11. We offer detailed online call and bill reporting
  12. It's only $19 to set-up and your number it is usually activated same day.
  13. You have a choice of low-cost 1800 Number Plans. We were the first company to offer a range of cheap 1300/1800 monthly plans and we'll help you choose the most economical one to suit your needs and call volume.
  14. You can change plans at any time if your call volume or call patterns change AT NO CHARGE.
  15. We make 1800 numbers affordable for every business.

Why Every Business Should Have a 1800 Number

  • Keep the same business phone number for the life of your business.
  • Increase the geographical "reach" of your businesses at minimal cost.
  • Add a vital marketing tool for your business.
  • Show potential customers that you're not just a "local" business.
  • Increase your marketing response.
  • Give your business a "professional image".
  • 1800 numbers are independent of your physical location.
  • These numbers are transportable (take them with you if you relocate).
  • Answer at any fixed or mobile phone in Australia.
  • You don't need any extra phone lines.
  • With our low priced 1800 number plans, having an inbound 1800 number is A LOT cheaper than you think.
Customer Comments

"We are using Alltel as their service is top notch and we have never had a down time with our 1800 number." – Ryan Mollaun - Rox Tan Australia

"I believe that people seem to have more faith in calling a 1300 or 1800 number as they seem to help create a more established company image." – Scott Sutherland – Total Guard Australia

"We've been using Alltel's 1800 number service for 7 years and won't be changing providers any time soon." – Louise McLoughlin – e-BAS Accounts

"Easy to set up, effective and efficient. Providing us with an 1800 help desk number for all the competitions we run across the Foxtel platform." – Melanie Tsakiris – Multi Channel Network

"If you are looking for a telco for your 1800 numbers, save yourself the running around and go with Alltel." – Ray Coleiro – Ace Dog Supplies

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