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FAQs: All You Need to Know About 1800 Numbers

This information is about 1800 phone numbers in Australia and is designed to explain the basics, your options and how to make the right choice for your business.

We're here to help you.

We specialise in 1800 numbers and provide personal assistance for all sized businesses from those that are small home based and just getting started through to large corporations needing help and advice.

If you can't find the answers here, please call us on 1300 ALLTEL (1300 255 835). We'll be pleased to help.

What are the differences between Australian 1300 numbers and 1800 numbers?

1300 numbers, also known as "local call" numbers, can be called from any Australian fixed landline for the cost of a local call.

1800 numbers, also known as "free call" or "toll free" numbers, can be called from any Australian fixed landline at no cost.

Callers using a mobile phone to call either a 1800 number will pay a rate that is set by their mobile phone company.

In each case, the recipient (the 1800 number account holder) pays for the cost of the call. Note, for 13 and 1300 numbers, the recipient gets FREE talk time for local landline-to-landline calls. (Note that the free minutes vary depending on plans, with our most popular 1300 number plan providing 30 free minutes.)

1800 numbers are "virtual numbers" in that they don't have their own separate physical phone line. A 1800 number can be routed (redirected) to a normal fixed landline or mobile number that you route it to (the destination number where it will be answered). People can still dial your normal number. Whenever anyone dials your 1800 number it will be received at your normal number as if the caller had dialed the normal number directly. Note that you can't dial out on a 1800 number. Your normal phone number (and account) is used for dialling out.

All of the normal number features such as caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, voicemail or any answering equipment all work the exactly the same as if the caller had dialed the normal number directly. Top of Page

Do your numbers work the same way as those from the major carriers?

Yes. All Australian 1800 numbers originate from the national "pool" (database) of numbers made available from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), an Australian Government department. Our numbers work exactly the same way as all of the major carriers.

Our customers tell us that in addition to having the best rates, we're more helpful, more informative and that we provide faster connections and better service than our competitors. Top of Page

How many numbers are there for me to choose from?

At any one time, there are approximately four thousand 1800 numbers in the ACMA "pool". This includes numbers that were cancelled in the past and new-release numbers.

Each month, Alltel hand-picks the best 1800 numbers from the "pool" lists and make theses numbers available to our potential customers via our website/s. Top of Page

Will it be MY number?

Yes. Unlike some carriers, we don't keep the rights to the number and lease/sublease it to you. Providing you maintain your account in good order and keep your 1800 number attached to a destination number, it's yours. You can even transfer it to another carrier if you wish. Top of Page

When is my 1800 number NOT MY number?

  1. When it is owned by a phoneword provider and they "lease/sublease" it to you.

    BEWARE if you

    1. call some 1800 number businesses to ask if a special number is available, or
    2. use some 1800 number websites to see if a particular phone word is available,

    your request is recorded/logged and if the number is available, they will quickly purchase it themselves and then attempt to lease it to you at ridiculously high fees. Unfortunately, this practice is common. Your advertised phone number is the lifeline of your business, consequently if you do business with that provider, your business will be at their mercy forever. If you have a falling out with that provider, they could lease your (previous) number to one of your competitors.

    We will help you to get the number you want if it is available, and GUARANTEE that it will be YOUR number. Naturally we hope you will then use our services to act as the "carrier" for your number.

  2. When it is a "shared number."

    Sharing of the same 1800 number is a common practice, particularly with phoneword providers. 1800 numbers can be routed to multiple destination numbers (e.g. NSW callers can be routed to a Sydney business, and using the same 1800 number, Victorian callers can be routed to a Melbourne business). This enables the phoneword provider to lease the SAME NUMBER to different businesses in each state or other smaller, more localised regions.

    Another variation of the "shared number" is the 1800 number extension. This is where the provider sells "extensions" to the same number. e.g. 1800 123 456 Ext 789 or Ext 890. This arrangement may be OK for private use (e.g. the kids can call home reverse charges) but it is certainly NOT an acceptable format for a business number.

    The numbers we provide to our customers are always their own numbers. We have built our business by putting our customers first and we believe this is the best way. Top of Page

How easy is it to get a 1800 number?

It's actually very easy. Simply print out and fill in our application form, choose an appropriate plan and number from the list on our website, fax the application and you'll usually have your number connected within 1 working day. Top of Page

What are the BIGGEST benefits of a 1800 number for my business?

There are several important benefits of using 1800 numbers for your business.

The first and most obvious is that 1800 numbers increase both the response rate to your advertising and your effective market area. Studies, experience and common sense all show that Australian consumers prefer to dial "local call" free call" 1800 numbers. In other words, potential customers are more likely to respond to your advertising and will call from a larger area if you advertise a 1800 number rather than a normal number or mobile number. 1800 numbers are recognised and accepted everywhere throughout Australia.

Other benefits of 1800 numbers include:

  • Portable: One of the biggest benefits of 1800 numbers is the ability to change the destination number. No need to reprint marketing material or change your advertising. If you relocate your business or your needs change, it's easy to change the destination number, simply by sending us an email.
  • Present the image of a large, successful company: 1800 numbers create a larger, more significant corporate image, even for the smallest home-based business. If this is one of your main objectives, take a look at our range of Virtual Office Services. These inexpensive services make it very easy to create an extremely professional large company image.
  • Wider market reach: A normal number is okay if you only market locally. But if you want to market outside your normal area, a 1800 number is essential for your business.
  • Scalable: Start with a low call volume plan and for no charge, you can upgrade as your call volumes increase. This means that a new or small business with little call volume will pay very little for their service. When your business grows and your call volumes and usage increase, you can switch (at no cost) at any time to a more appropriate plan that will continue to keep your costs to a minimum.
  • Ease of use: 1800 numbers are extremely easy to use and setup. They also provide you with great control and allow you to make changes quickly. This type of flexibility is important, especially for small businesses.
  • Report and track: These numbers also provide additional caller information including the callers number (providing the caller's ID information is not blocked) as well as additional tracking and measurement capabilities. Top of Page

Why are 1800 numbers becoming so popular?

Businesses prefer them because

  • customers are more likely to call.
  • they are portable
  • they increase public perception and project a professional image
  • they create a more of a national presence
  • they have reporting and routing capabilities that normal numbers don't have
  • they have dropped dramatically in price and are now quite inexpensive (in fact, these days they are so inexpensive and simple to set up that even the smallest home based business can't afford not to have one)

Consumers prefer them because they're inexpensive to call. Top of Page

Can I keep my number if I relocate?

Yes you can. 1800 numbers are portable, meaning the destination number can be changed at almost any time to another destination number. If you relocate, you can change your destination number at no cost, just by calling our customer service number or by emailing us. You won't need to reprint your stationery or notify customers as your 1800 number remains unchanged. Top of Page

Are there significant quality differences between telecommunications companies?

Yes and No. Ever since the telecommunications industry was deregulated in Australia, phone services have become just another a commodity. Although a few major Australian carriers now have their own "partial" networks, all telecommunications companies use parts of the same fiber optic and cable network backbone to transport their calls and data. While some telecommunications companies claim that their service provides higher call quality, there is actually very little difference between the carriers.

The main difference between telecommunications companies is the customer service levels that they provide. Many of the large companies focus their customer service on large corporate customers that spend the most.

At Alltel, we treat all customers equally and provide the same high level of customer service and care across the board. Top of Page

What are the different types of 1800 number suppliers?

There are basically two types of companies you can buy your number from:

  1. phoneword/vanity number owners
  2. "full service" telecommunications companies like Alltel

Phoneword/Vanity number owners usually have a stock of specific numbers, which they have purchased at auction from ACMA and which they generally offer to sell at ridiculously high prices or lease/sublease or share use. If they lease/sublease by area or region (e.g. a State), this is called “Shared Use.” It can provide access to better vanity numbers, but they’re also significantly more expensive both with their monthly fee and their per minute rates. They also limit your territory, and the supplier retains the ultimate ownership rights and control. This can ultimately leave you at their mercy, particularly the more you advertise and become dependent on your number.

We are a "full service" telecommunications company. In addition to telecommunications services such as local and long distance phone services, we offer services such as Live Answering, Voice2Email, Fax2Email, and Call Forwarded IVR Menu. When combined, these additional services become known as Virtual Office Services. Top of Page

How can a 1800 number help my business to grow?

  • Most Australians accept and use 1800 numbers.
  • Demand for new 1800 numbers for business use is increasing.
  • Experts say that 84% of current Internet users rely on electronic media to search for product or service information in order to make a purchase. Being able to locate the 1800 number of a particular business on the Internet greatly improves the success rate of any Internet ad or Web site.
  • Productive advertisements featuring a 1800 number can generate up to 30% more enquiries.
  • In a study accomplished by Bellcore (USA), newspaper advertisements that were almost identical were displayed and monitored. One group had a toll-free number and the others didn't. The ads that included a toll-free number received six times more calls than the regular number.
  • If you want to increase response by as much as 50%, use a 1800 number on product literature.
  • Fund-raising organisations have increased their response approximately 25% by adding a 1800 number in commercials, print ads or direct mail that previously used only addresses.Top of Page

How do I select good "Numeric" 1800 numbers?

We always have a selection of good "numeric" numbers available. We hand-pick them from the ACMA number pool, so they’re better than you can get directly from the pool. They can be ordered and activated quickly online.

Even the smallest business should have a good 1800 number. They're inexpensive and it doesn't take many new customers or referrals to be a great investment!

We'll help you to get a great number!

Simply call 1300 ALLTEL (1300 255 835). Top of Page

Which telecommunications company should I trust with my business?

At Alltel, we offer competitively priced plans and rates ...

Our customers are professional business people. After shopping around and considering the so-called "cheap" options, they obviously prefer our inexpensive prices and to partner with a professional company that compliments their own business and professional attitude: a company that doesn't let them down.

The number of costly complaints against telecommunications companies is staggering. Don't be misled into making a poor choice of telecommunications provider. The future of your business could depend on it.

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Customer Comments

"We are using Alltel as their service is top notch and we have never had a down time with our 1800 number." – Ryan Mollaun - Rox Tan Australia

"I believe that people seem to have more faith in calling a 1300 or 1800 number as they seem to help create a more established company image." – Scott Sutherland – Total Guard Australia

"We've been using Alltel's 1800 number service for 7 years and won't be changing providers any time soon." – Louise McLoughlin – e-BAS Accounts

"Easy to set up, effective and efficient. Providing us with an 1800 help desk number for all the competitions we run across the Foxtel platform." – Melanie Tsakiris – Multi Channel Network

"If you are looking for a telco for your 1800 numbers, save yourself the running around and go with Alltel." – Ray Coleiro – Ace Dog Supplies

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