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Call Forwarding IVR Menus

An IVR (Interactive Voice Response), also known as call forwarding menus or automated attendant, provides you with a convenient and effective way to direct incoming calls to the correct person or department within your company.

For example, a typical IVR menu answers incoming calls by greeting customers in your company name and thanking them for the call. It might also include your hours of operation before providing a contact menu: "To speak to sales, press 1; to speak to support, press 2" and so on.

No matter how BIG or SMALL your business is, an IVR system will help to make your business sound even MORE professional and help you to promote your products and services.

IVR menus are also very useful during service interruptions or other events to quickly provide information to callers. For example, during a service outage, you can change your IVR greeting to tell callers when services will return to normal. This provides most callers with the answer they are after without requiring them to wait on the line until someone is available to talk to them.

How it Works

Alltel's IVR system integrates with your 1800 number.

Please turn on your computer sound and listen to the example below.

When the caller selects and presses a number from the IVR menu, their call can be forwarded to the associated destination number:

  • Different destination phone numbers within your business (if you have them), including
    • different departments
    • different offices
    • different mobiles
  • Live Answering Service/s
  • Voice2Email
    • to listen to your recorded voice announcements
    • to leave a message

Destination numbers can be different (if you actually have different numbers) or if you have only one phone number, all IVR numbers pressed can terminate at the same destination number (that is, the same staff member could answer all calls for all enquiries).

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.


arrow Forward callers to different divisional/department phone numbers in your business

  • For sales, press 1
  • For after-sales service, press 2
  • For accounts, press 3
  • To speak to an operator, press 4 (Live Answering)

arrow Forward callers to specific people in your business

  • To speak to John Brown, press 1
  • To speak to Mary Smith, press 2
  • To speak to Brian Jones, press 3
  • To speak to an operator, press 4 (Live Answering)

arrow Use it to PROMOTE your different products or services

Example 1

  • For information about Product-A, press 1
  • To find out about our Service-A, press 2
  • For help with repairing your machine, press 3
  • To enquire about Service-B, press 4
  • For after-hours emergency service, press 5 (Live Answering)

Example 2

  • To listen to recorded information about our 'Selling' services, press 1
  • To listen to recorded information about our 'Buying' services, press 2
  • To speak to our Sales Department, press 3
  • To speak to an operator, press 4 (Live Answering)

IVR Fees

More on how IVR works with your 1800 number

IVR provides you with automated reception and call forwarding.

Although some callers say they dislike automated telephone answering/reception systems, a well set up, computerised IVR system will actually reduce the time taken to be connected to an appropriate person for the caller's needs.

Businesses are using IVR phone answering solutions to sound more professional, promote their products and services and to reduce the cost of simple, repetitive call transfer tasks.

We can configure your 1800 number to route (redirect) to our IVR system where callers can be forwarded to your appropriate staff member/s or destination number/s.

  • Callers to your 1800 number hear your customised, recorded business greeting.
    Example: "Thank you for calling 'my business name'".
  • Callers are then offered various choices that you've configured.
    • "So you can speak to the best person to help you, please select from the following: for sales, press 1; for service, press 2; for accounts, press 3; etc.
    • "To speak to John Brown, please press 1. To speak to accounts department, please press 2, to speak to Sally Smith, please press 3.
    • "To listen to these options again, please press 9"

With the press of a number on their telephone keypad, callers can be forwarded to a chosen landline phone, mobile phone, live answering service, or voice2email service.

If you have special IVR requirements, please call us NOW on 1300 ALLTEL (1300 255 835) and we'll arrange a quote for you.

We provide outstanding value without compromising personal service.

Customer Comments

"We are using Alltel as their service is top notch and we have never had a down time with our 1800 number." – Ryan Mollaun - Rox Tan Australia

"I believe that people seem to have more faith in calling a 1300 or 1800 number as they seem to help create a more established company image." – Scott Sutherland – Total Guard Australia

"We've been using Alltel's 1800 number service for 7 years and won't be changing providers any time soon." – Louise McLoughlin – e-BAS Accounts

"Easy to set up, effective and efficient. Providing us with an 1800 help desk number for all the competitions we run across the Foxtel platform." – Melanie Tsakiris – Multi Channel Network

"If you are looking for a telco for your 1800 numbers, save yourself the running around and go with Alltel." – Ray Coleiro – Ace Dog Supplies

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